Judge Jeanine Criminal Bombshell – Fans In Shock

In the opening statement of Judge Jeanine’s Fox News show on Saturday, she stated that James Comey was “the head of his own crime family” and that he ran the upper echelons of the FBI like an “organized criminal enterprise.”

Attorney General William Barr pointed out recently that it was the top leadership of the FBI, CIA and other organizations that handled the investigation into alleged Russian collusion by Trump and his administration, which was not typical for the FBI at the time.

Barrt added that most of the people involved in the investigation were no longer working for those organizations. Judge Jeanine commented that Comey’s “cronies” like Peter Strozk, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe were “selling our democracy down the river” and “participating in a bloodless coup” against Trump.

Judge Jeanine went on to detail lies she says were told by Comey and his associates, pointing out that they are all now contradicting and pointing fingers at each other. Barr further said that some of the explanations he has gotten “don’t hang together.”

Judge Jeanine went on to say that “they’re all rewriting history and pointing the finger at each other to save their own butts.” She called out former CIA head John Brennan for always claiming that he had bad intelligence and concluded that “there is no more denying the existence of the deep state.”

Watch the full video here.

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