Judge Jeanine Confirms The Rumors – Goodbye

Judge Jeanine Pirro just confirmed the rumors to her entire Fox News audience. What she revealed has everyone talking — this is a ‘goodbye’ you need to hear to believe.

On her TV program, ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine,’ she said the rumors are right — “we know very little about what the Democrats actually stand for” anymore. They all need to be removed from office and replaced in 2020.

“What we do know is they still hate President Trump now more than ever. Every other message is frenetic, frenzied, and hysterical,” she continued. “Every message is a bit more left, a bit more progressive, a bit more socialist than the last one.”

Pirro then spoke about Trump’s success since becoming president and how the Democrats are no match for him. They simply cannot compete with his record on anything, and that’s why most Americans support him.

“This kind of enthusiasm has never been matched in American history, and I don’t care what poll, what network, what statistical genius tells you who is ahead and who isn’t,” she said.

She brought up the massive turnout for Trump’s first rally of the election cycle, where he announced his re-election to a packed stadium in Florida. “There is a chord that this man strikes in the American heart,” said Pirro. Democrats are done.

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