Juan Williams Gives Notice… Too Much Pressure

Fox News opinion host Juan Williams admitted Tuesday on “The Five” that the harassment of Lawrence Jones by anti-Trump protesters showed the left’s intolerance.

Two protesters approached Jones at an “Impeach Trump” rally over the weekend and made racist remarks. One told Jones to go back to Fox News “where there’s more cotton for you to pick” and the other said he would be told to “go back to Kenya.”

“Lawrence has a legitimate right to speak his truth,” Williams said. “Why don’t you want to hear it? To me, that’s intolerance coming from the left.”

Jones was at the rally as chief editor of Campus Reform to ask students why they wanted Trump impeached. He is also a Fox News contributor.

It’s a positive thing to see when someone who is on the left like Williams finally acknowledges that there is in fact intolerance coming from that side.

Read the full story here.

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