Juan Williams Addresses Rumors… It’s Confirmed

Juan Williams said that previous presidential candidates have set a precedent that should allow Hillary Clinton to speak out against President Donald Trump.

Williams cited the examples of John McCain and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who criticized then-President Barack Obama after losing races to him, as well as Romney’s criticisms of Trump.

“Nobody tells these guys to shut up, and so why would you say ‘Oh, Hillary — the lady should shut up’?” he asked.

Williams’ comments were in response to a New York Times analysis piece by Lisa Lerer that suggested Clinton was “trolling” the media by making comments about Trump as well as calling former third party candidate Jill Stein and current 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard Russian assets.

“Welcome to Hillary Unplugged,” Lerer wrote. “For most of her public career, Mrs. Clinton has been constrained by the expectations of her position, be it first lady, senator or secretary of state. Now, after her stunning loss in 2016, it seems she finally feels liberated to speak her mind.”

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