Joy Behar Confirms Rumors… Goodbye Forever

Liberal activist and The View co-host Joy Behar just confirmed the rumors. She just made a move that could be a career-ender. Goodbye, Joy.

Going off even more unhinged than usual, Behar mercilessly attacked Ben Carson for a joke that he made during recent congressional testimony. She said it proves Trump “created this cult of mentally crazy people!”

 “I mean, everybody who believes Donald Trump I believe has to look a little closer,” she continued, adding the accusation that Carson just “wanted to be a celebrity.”

Leave it to Behar to attack the intelligence of a highly-successful, world-renowned neurosurgeon. Carson rose to the occasion to serve his country and Trump appointed him to a major cabinet position.

But this isn’t enough for Behar and The View’s liberal panel of celebrity has-beens. They are out to destroy good and decent people like Carson because they hate Trump. That’s all this is about.

Instead of going after Carson, perhaps Behar should look in a mirror. She’ll find a “mentally crazy” person staring right back at her. She needs to be removed from the airwaves.

Read the full story here.

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