John Kerry Betrays America

There are certain rules that politicians are supposed to follow when abroad. One is that you don’t talk badly about the president on foreign soil. John Kerry apparently did not get the memo. Kerry was recently in London and held a meeting with a diplomat of the Palestinian Authority.

In the meeting, Kerry allegedly wanted to convey a message to Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority. He said to “hold on and be strong” and not to “yield to President Trump’s demands.” Why? because he predicts Trump will be removed from office in the coming year.

Perhaps John Kerry knows something we don’t. But he has also indicated that he plans to run against Trump in 2020. What we do know is that Kerry has no business telling a foreign diplomat to resist the President of the United States. If that isn’t treasonous, it feels like it. (Read More…)

Report: Experts say FBI anti-Trump scandal could be basis to dismiss the Russia ‘investigation’

Legal experts believe that the combination of Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages and the FBI’s mysterious loss of five months worth of additional messages could be enough to kill the Mueller investigation. A combination of conflicts of interest and bias, as well as a potential breach of the FBI’s retention policy (for the text messages), could make a strong legal case to end the probe. A year into these investigations and no incriminating evidence should be enough to end it too, don’t you think?

Just after this article was written, it turns out that the DOJ announced it had actually found the text messages! Just a glitch, they say. It’s interesting that when the witch-hunt looks like it could come to an end, the messages are suddenly recovered. Now we’ll wait to see what they say. (Read More…)

Rosie O’Donnell: Sarah Huckabee Sanders will ‘sit in hell – no doubt’

Rosie has the digital equivalent of foot-in-mouth syndrome. She says ridiculous things without reason, and consistently looks like a fool.

Here’s how the latest flub went down. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was targeted by a reporter from MSNBC who was upset that Sanders criticized a senator. This reporter’s complaint was that someone in the Trump administration needed to tell Sanders: “If you ever use your taxpayer funded job again to denigrate the Intelligence of a reporter or a sitting US Senator, you’re fired.”

Rosie responded to the reporter’s tweet saying that Sanders would “sit in hell” for her comments. To anyone who watched what Sanders said, this is just patently absurd. Rosie is a complete and utter embarrassment, and she should get off Twitter. (Read More…)

Melania Trump attacked for saying she is a full-time mother

Make sure you’re sitting down for this one. Melania Trump has been an incredibly committed mother. In order to be there for her son, Melania has said she doesn’t want to have a nanny, and that she wants to be around full time to parent Barron. Liberals, never satisfied, had a problem with this!

The aptly named Inquisitr website attacked Melania for being too privileged to have a nanny. That’s right, she has so much money that she doesn’t have to work, so she doesn’t require a nanny — so she’s extra privileged. Of course, if Melania decided to get a nanny tomorrow, she’d be attacked for being a bad parent. You can’t win with these people, so why try? (Read More…)

U.S. military destroys 150 ISIS terrorists with one airstrike

In Eastern Syria, right outside a city called Al-Shafiyah near the Iraq border, U.S. intelligence discovered a large group of ISIS militants this last weekend. President Trump and his military advisors determined that these militants could be taken out in a single airstrike, so they acted. In stark contrast to Obama’s highly-restrained rules of engagement, Trump lets the military do its job.

Trump ordered the airstrike and 150 militants were killed. All while the government was shut down, no less. If this trend continues, ISIS’s days are numbered. (Read More…)

Rep. Trey Gowdy: ‘Mueller had some hiring failures of epic proportions’

It looks like Rep. Trey Gowdy is starting to lose a bit of his confidence in Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Up until now, Gowdy has said that Mueller is the best shot we have at determining the truth in the Russian investigation.

His tone has changed a bit though. He said that at the very least, Mueller’s hiring of FBI agents Strzok and Page was a failure “of open proportions.” This is even more evident given that Strzok’s recently uncovered text message to Page indicates that he knew there was no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. (Read More…)

One radical step to eradicate poverty in America

This one is directly from me. I’ve owned and operated businesses I’ve founded since I left high school, and I’ve done pretty well over the years. Part of my success comes from being financially literate and understanding how to treat money. More than that though, it was my philosophy on what to do with the money I made that allowed me to thrive.

This is all part of a larger way in which I understand virtue and American culture. In short, we need to rid ourselves of the consumerism that has taken hold in our society and replace it with a thrifty, productive, and financially educated population.

In this article, I lay out some of the reforms I think need to be made to our education system to try and bring these changes about. I really suggest you all check it out. (Read More…)

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