John Brennan Indictment Notice… Game Over

Former CIA Director John Brennan is in big trouble. An indictment notice just dropped, and it’s game over for him. He and other high-ranking former officials better find themselves a good lawyer.

It has been revealed that U.S. Attorney John Durhan — Attorney General William Barr’s appointee to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia witch-hunt — will investigate top CIA officials as part of his probe.

Should any criminal activity be discovered, major Obama-era figures such as John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper could be looking at an indictment. Only time will tell, but progress is being made.

As Attorney General Barr said himself, “Like many other people who are familiar with intelligence activities, I had a lot of questions about what was going on and I assumed I’d get answers when I went in.”

“I have not gotten answers that are at all satisfactory and, in fact, I probably have more questions,” he continued. This is exactly why he’s investigating the entire ‘collusion’ push — because Americans deserve answers.

And it’s a good thing Attorney General Barr won’t need support from Congress to carry out this mission, given that Speaker Pelosi controls the House agenda. Anyone who illegally perpetrated this anti-Trump hoax should be worried.

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