John Brennan Arrest Decision – It’s Finally Happening

Former CIA Director John Brennan is in big trouble. A serious misstep on his part could now lead to his arrest and prosecution, according to a renowned judge.

Andrew Napolitano, Fox News’ judicial analyst and a former New Jersey judge, dropped a bombshell: Brennan may have perjured himself on the now-debunked ‘Steele dossier’ meant to take down President Trump.

In question is the content of an email between former FBI Director James Comey, Brennan, and other high-ranking intelligence officials. Brennan allegedly pushed hard for the dossier to be included in their assessment.

Napolitano said, “I haven’t seen the e-mail obviously, but if the e-mail is correct, it directly contradicts what Brennan said under oath.”

He continued by saying this is “another thing for the folks in Connecticut to examine whether or not the former director of the CIA perjured himself in order to make himself look good.”

Attorney General William Barr recently appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham, who serves the District of Connecticut, to investigate the origin and justification for Comey and Brennan’s witch-hunt against Trump.

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