BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Chinese Virus SECRET Finally In The Light…

When CNN does a poll, you know they’re going to skew it at least a few points to fit their narrative.

So when even they are coming up with numbers that spell disaster for Joe Biden, you know it’s time for panic among liberals.

According to a CNN poll released on February 10, a majority of Americans disapprove of the way that President Biden has handled the Chinese COVID virus.

Only 45% of Americans actually approve of the way he’s behaved, meaning that since 54% disapprove, he’s nine points underwater.

CNN has conducted this poll about every two months for the past year or so, and every time they’ve reported that a majority actually APPROVED of the way Biden has handled COVID. But not this time. Now, it’s getting so bad that even CNN is admitting Joe needs to make some changes.

The survey comes as blue-state governors across the nation are starting to part with Biden’s mandates and abolish masks requirements across their state.

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