BREAKING: Joe Biden’s SECRET Money Deal With Putin – You Won’t Believe How Much…

If Joe Biden tries to tell you for one second that he is tough at all on Russia, I can assure that the man is lying.

Biden is not tough on Russia, in fact, it’s just the opposite. Biden is currently one of the world’s biggest supporters of Putin’s war effort.

That’s why, as Russia marches into Ukraine, Biden continues to send around $70 MILLION per day to Putin.

It may sound bananas, but it’s true. Biden is telling America he’s tough on Putin, all while sending the man American currency every single day, $70,000,000 of it.

The solution? Well, that would be drilling here at home.

Liberals have put such sanctions on American oil production that we’re force to look to sources like Russia and send them our money for oil.

It’s not madness, it’s just liberalism.

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