BREAKING: Here Are The Christmas Lights That Keep Joe Biden Up At Night – Try Not To Laugh

Trailing just behind the federal government, Home Owner’s Associations are probably the biggest offender of overreaching their authority and trying to micromanage people’s lives.

Think about it, whether the letter is coming from the HOA or the government, it’s probably telling you that 1) you’re doing something wrong and 2) you need to give them money.

The most recent example of this is Republican congressional candidate Martin Hyde facing daily fines from his HOA for installing Christmas lights that read “Let’s Go Brandon” on his balcony.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Let’s Go Brandon has developed into a fun and family-friendly way to let people know just how you feel about Joe Biden. The phrase took the internet by storm after a sports reporter was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown while the crowd in the background chanted “F— Joe Biden.”

Maybe because she thought she was being slick, or maybe her noise-cancelling headphones caused her to misunderstand what the crowd was saying, the reporter tried to convince the television audience that the crowd was cheering for winning driver Brandon Brown. They clearly weren’t.

America took the phrase and ran with it. Martin Hyde is no exception.

Hyde is currently being fined up to $150 per day by his HOA “until the violation ceases.”

Something tells me the campaign donations that are rolling in as a result of the attention this is getting are going to add up to way more than that…

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