BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Stuns Nation – Weakness Causes…

We all had a feeling that American citizens weren’t going to be happy with the way Joe Biden handled the Ukraine conflict, even before the situation was upon us. Well, Putin’s marching into a country that isn’t his, Joe’s making it as easy as possible, and America isn’t happy.

Fifty-six percent of American voters think that “President Biden has not been tough enough on Russia.”

Compare that to just 6% of the population believing Biden has been TOO tough on Russia.

Even among Democrats, Joe isn’t exactly nailing things, as only 47% of them think he has handled Russia “about right.”

Simple math tells us that that means that 53% of Democrats do not think Joe Biden is handling the Russia/Ukraine conflict “about right.”

That’s his own party. They’re supposed to follow him no matter what.

Apparently even liberals have a cap on how much ignorance they can tolerate.

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