BREAKING: Diagnosis Proves Joe Biden’s Condition MUCH Worse Than We Thought…

Joe Biden just broke the record for lowest approval rating of his presidency.

Only 38% of Americans approve of the job Dirty Joe is doing, and 53% disapprove.

Nine percent haven’t woken up from their nap yet.

This isn’t some alt-right propaganda, either. This is a liberal source (CNBC) admitting that Americans don’t really like Joe Biden.

Among the reasons that Americans are furious with old Joe Biden is the ridiculous rate that inflation is increasing. It’s been over 40 years since our wallets have felt a squeeze like this.

One of the reasons for Joe’s failing ratings is that women have finally started to turn on him. That demographic kept his approval numbers afloat for a while, but not anymore.

Compared to the last time this poll was run, 16% more women disapprove of Joe Biden.

The man’s getting worse every day.

I didn’t even need a survey to tell you that.

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