BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Reveals Disturbing Disintegration – Won’t Last Long…

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, announced on Monday at the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Associate Justice nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson that the court is an important part in upholding the rule of law in the United States.

Biden and his friends don’t seem to understand that, so Cotton had to spell it out for the liberals.

“These threats to the rule of law are not merely theoretical, We are witnessing a breakdown of society.”

“There are many Americans who no longer feel safe today,” Cotton said. “Parents are scared to walk down the streets that used to be free from crime. In 2020 Anarchists, rioters and left-wing street militias raged across the country, and murders increased at the fastest rate in history.”

Cotton and other Republicans are expected to go after Brown HARD as a result of her soft-on-crime rulings in the past.

Many of Brown’s lax rulings that conservatives are pointing to include reduced sentences for owners of kiddie porn or child predators. If we’re going to get America back on the right track, we need somebody with the OPPOSITE stance on crime as Joe Biden, not the same.

“In the first year of the Biden administration, violent crime got even worse,” Cotton concluded. “It’s no coincidence that this violence came as localities and states push to defund the police and reduce the punishment for criminals.”

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