BREAKING: Joe Biden In PAIN After Hunter Bombshell – Developing…

There’s really no debating it now.

Just about ALL of the despicable rumors about Hunter Biden have turned out to be true.

Yes, that was his laptop. Yes, he engages in many illegal activities. Yes, he loves prostitutes. Yes, he loves drugs. Yes, he had illegal business dealings while his dad was in power in America. Yes, Daddy Joe knew about the illegal business dealings.

It’s simply impossible for the White House to deny any of the above statements at this point. They’ve all been proving true.

If Joe Biden wants to recover with voters, he needs to admit this happened and take responsibility for it.

The longer Joe lets this drag on, the more support he’s going to continue to lose.

Latino voters in particular have proved to be the group most put off by the Hunter Biden scandal, and Joe’s approval rating with them is tanking as a result.

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