BREAKING: Marsha Blackburn Just Revealed Joe Biden’s Dirty Secret [Developing]

There are a few important people out there who still care about the rights and freedoms of the little guys like you and me. You know, the people the government is SUPPOSED to be working for, but only ends up working against. Joe Biden is NOT one of those people. Neither is Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, or AOC.

Senator Marsha Blackburn is, however.

She proved this yet again on January 11 when she had a short but powerful message for Fauci, Biden, Harris, and anyone else that would listen.

Public health officials have kept up the demand for everyone to wear masks regardless of vaccination status, which really ruins their previous main selling point of the vaccine, which was to eliminate masks and social distancing.

Since then, we’ve learned that these policies being made are about CONTROL, not safety. Once you understand that it becomes a whole lot clearer why Biden is making the decisions he is.

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