BREAKING: Jill Biden Drops Bombshell On Joe – Caught With Kamala…

Either Joe Biden is so old and confused that he can’t even remember who the vice-president is and what to call her, or there’s some serious hanky-panky going on between Joe and Kamala.

I’m just going out on a limb here and guessing that Joe and Kamala probably aren’t romantically involved, so this was more just a representation of how clueless Joe really is as opposed to him accidentally leaking what would immediately become the biggest marital affair in world history.

When it comes to the two women in Joe’s life, Biden can’t keep track of which one he works with and which one he does the business with.

Joe recently told an audience that Kamala Harris was the “first lady.” She’s not. She’s the vice-president. Joe’s wife Jill Biden is the first lady.

You wouldn’t think Jill would have to remind Joe of that fact.

She did.

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