BREAKING: Joe Biden Receives Deadly Diagnosis – He Can’t Finish…

I’m not sure what the bigger story is here, Biden’s approval rating sinking like lead boots, or the excuses he’s given for WHY the numbers are so low.

Starting with the rating, only 21% of Americans strongly approve of Biden’s job performance. 21%. That’s NOT good. Many are wondering if he’s even going to make it to the end of his term with numbers like that. If people are this sick of him after ten months, how are they going to feel after three years?

Not good. And Joe knows it. So he’s trying to get out ahead of things and gaslight Americans into thinking they’re wrong by disapproving of the objectively terrible job he’s been doing.

Joe, you’re either insane, or a liar. Middle America does NOT go off of what they see on the news, they are going off what they see IN PERSON.

COVID is still ruling America, grocer shelves are bare, the food that is available is twice as expensive as it was a year ago, and gas prices are setting new records every day.

We know what we’re experiencing, Joe. Maybe YOU are the crazy one, not us. After all, aren’t you the guy that actually thought Build Back Better was a good idea? We’re all still having a good laugh about that one.

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