Bombshell: Joe Biden’s sick secret finally exposed – no more hiding

Biden could finally be toast. The author of Clinton Cash, a book that forced an FBI investigation into the Clinton crime syndicate, just took aim at the former vice president.

The new book says that Chinese officials purchased Biden’s loyalty so he would steer American policy in their favor. It’s no surprise that someone so close to the Clintons and Barack Obama is corrupt.

While CNN and the rest of the mainstream news obsess over the Trump-Russia conspiracy, the real criminals in the Democrat party are living large. It’s time to lock them up. (Read More…)

Melania Trump to stay in Florida for ‘spring break’ while Donald Trump returns to Washington

President Trump is returning to Washington while Melania and Barron stay in Florida at Mar-a-Lago. With the media and Democrats work as hard as they can to attack the President and his family, it’s no surprise that they need a break from all the noise.

It’s terrible what Melania has to go through when she’s done nothing to deserve all the unwarranted media attention. Why is it that Hillary was never hounded like this when Bill’s indiscretions were made public?

Because the media only care about smearing Republicans and boosting their ratings. (Read More…)

Video: Vicious and threatening signs flaunted at anti-gun rally

This is so disgusting that I can barely stand writing about it. Liberals have decided that in order to get their anti-gun policies enacted that they should threaten Barron Trump, the president’s 12-year-old child.

Signs at the anti-gun rally read “Send Barron to Parkland.” I can’t imagine the sort of hateful and toxic person who could think something so sick, let alone write it down on a sign.

If this sign were written one of the Obama children, the entire rally would have been discredited by the media. But what do we get? Deafening silence. These people and the media who support them are rotten to the core. (Read More…)

Stormy Daniels admits she lied about alleged Trump affair in previous statements

After weeks of mainstream media pushing the trashy Stormy Daniels story, the adult film star just admitted that she lied. In her 60 Minutes interview, Daniels said her earlier public statements about Trump weren’t true.

If the media hadn’t turned the whole story into a circus to boost their failing ratings, no one would be talking about this, but they do whatever they can to make Trump look bad. This is exactly why Americans don’t trust them. (Read More…)

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