Joe Biden’s Shocking Confession – Whoa

Former Vice President Joe Biden has issued a stunning confession about a fellow Democrat, and his party is reeling from the fallout.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s trouble started with a controversial statement in support of late-term and post-birth abortions, drawing criticism from conservatives nationwide. Then a 1984 yearbook from his college days surfaced that featured a photograph of someone in blackface and KKK garb on Northam’s page. In response, Biden laid down the gauntlet, saying, “There is no place for racism in America. Governor Northam has lost all moral authority and should resign immediately.”

Northam originally admitted to being in the photo and has since walked back the statement. Instead, in an odd twist, he fessed up to an entirely separate occasion where he dressed up in blackface to impersonate Michael Jackson for a contest. Either way, the damage is done and Democrats across the nation are calling for him to step down.

Many are wondering why Democrats are moving so quickly to throw one of their own under the bus for an incident over 30 years old. The answer is simple: They intend to use their betrayal of Northam as cover to continue accusing Trump and the GOP of “racist” policies.

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