BREAKING: New Report Sheds Light On Joe Biden’s Russian Scandal – America Shocked…

Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican from Pennsylvania, recently stopped by the “Mike Gallagher Show” to tell it like it is.

His first order of business was hitting Joe Biden for shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline in America and opposing the EastMed pipeline that would have brought natural gas from Israel to Europe.

Every which way you turn, Biden has dropped the ball on energy lately. Americans are paying the price.

According to Fitzpatrick, Biden’s actions have been “completely backwards and upside down.”

“So, the common thread that runs between both the horrific images you’re seeing on TV, the loss of life in Ukraine and higher prices at the pump here in the United States is bad decisions on energy policy, poor energy policy domestically here in the United States and bad decisions that have been made by our European allies, including Germany, who have grown in dependence on Russia for their energy source. We were a net energy exporter under the previous administration, Mike. The Keystone pipeline was open. We were energy independent and we were exporting energy. This administration has shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, they’ve given a thumbs down to the EastMed, the Eastern Mediterranean pipeline…which not many people are talking about, but they should be, which was an Israeli pipeline, another democracy that could have supplied Europe with energy. And then we open up the corrupt Nord Stream 2 pipeline, that makes people…in Europe even more dependent on Vladimir Putin. So, their energy policy’s completely backwards and upside down.”

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