BREAKING: Joe Biden Is OUT – Russia’s Putin Steps In…

President Biden is a very strange man. He spends weeks yelling about the imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, but when Putin sends troops across the border, the White House backs off and claims they don’t see an invasion.

When it comes to maintaining any sort of international law and order, the man is simply out to lunch.

In fact, the man is out in more ways than one. He’s out of touch with international politics, out of favor with the American people, and out of power when it comes to standing up for America.

Representative Rob Wittman, a Republican from Virginia, recently appeared on Fox News to tell America what the REAL story between Ukraine and Russia is.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine is “not potential anymore. It has begun in its early phases,” Wittman said.

“I think he’s made up his mind. If you look at the military units that he has deployed there on the border. He now has not removed the troops from Belarus. You see pro-Russian separatists bombing railroad stations and schools. You see the cyberattack has begun. Listen, I think Putin is on his way to invasion. He is resolute in what he is going to do in Ukraine. And I don’t think that anything that the Biden administration does is going to dissuade him.

I believe this administration’s abysmal failure in Afghanistan has set the stage for where we are today, and this potential Russian invasion of Ukraine. In fact, I would argue it’s not potential anymore. It has begun in its early phases.”

“I think sanctions should have begun months ago,” Wittman concluded. “We’ve seen this buildup happen, things like sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 pipeline should have been incrementally put in place as we’ve seen Russia building up. That would be the way to deter them. The only thing that Putin understands is strength. And doing things after the fact, I think, [is] not going to be a way to dissuade him. He is resolute in saying that he is going to take Ukraine. He’s been saying that for years.”

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