Joe Biden Tragedy Strikes – Millions In Shock

A bombshell report about former Vice President Joe Biden has stunned millions of Americans and placed a question mark on his political future.

As the field of Democratic challengers to President Trump continues to grow, enthusiasm for a Biden candidacy is tepid at best, with only nine to 12 percent of respondents in a recent poll committed to backing him.

This runs in stark contrast to the longstanding conventional wisdom that’s predicted a Biden landslide in the 2020 Democratic primary, should he decide to actually jump into the race.

For his part, he recently stated a decision would be coming soon, but he may want to think twice about stepping into a dramatically different field compared to the previous election.

Furthermore, polls showing him at approximately 30 percent support appear to be based solely on name ID at this time, not passionate followers of Biden himself. As the younger, more diverse candidates gain traction, his light may fade even more.

It’s also important to remember where the Democratic Party stands from a political standpoint. If the base is going to support an old, white male, they’re likely more inclined to “Feel the Bern”.

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