BREAKING: Joe Biden Too Weak To Continue – Voters Stunned…

Senator Marsha Blackburn appeared on Fox Business recently, and while there she shared a few alarming updates about the strength of Joe Biden.

The man’s weak, and it just keep getting worse.

In fact, Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, declared that it has been Biden’s lack of strength that has put our country in the horrible situation(s) that it is in.

Especially in regards to what’s going on between Russia and the Ukraine, Blackburn piled the blame onto Biden for being a spineless shrimp when he’s supposed to be leading the free world.

“We would not be in this situation right now if Biden had shown some strength early on. Last fall if he had put sanctions in place, if he had started to sell lethal assistance to the Ukrainian army, if he had been firm when he went to NATO and would have said we all have to stand against Russia in this, we have to stand with Ukraine, but Joe Biden didn’t do that. So now it is pushed up to the brink.”

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