Joe Biden SNAPS – He Broke – National TV Meltdown

Former Vice President Joe Biden just snapped. He broke down on national television, and millions of Americans saw it happen. His entire meltdown was caught on camera.

Appearing on CBS, the struggling presidential candidate defending his son’s business dealings in Ukraine. He said Hunter was “already on the board, and he’s a grown man,” Biden said, referring to Hunter’s role with Burisma Holdings.

“And it turns out he did not do a single thing wrong as everybody’s investigated,” continued Biden, attempting to deflect criticism. But this is what we shouldn’t expect from him — an attempt to stop any further scrutiny.

However, Americans deserve to know why Joe Biden pressured Ukraine — allegedy through a quid-pro-quo scheme — to fire the nation’s top prosecutor who investigated Burisma for corruption.

Even Hunter Biden himself has acknowledged that taking the position with Burisma probably wasn’t a good idea. “Did I make a mistake? Maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah,” he said recently.

Of course, Hunter was quick to defend himself as well in the same interview. “But did I make a mistake based on some ethical lapse? Absolutely not,” he told ABC News.

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