BREAKING: Top Court Shuts Joe Biden DOWN – Ruling Stuns Nation…

A federal judge in Louisiana is fighting his hardest for common sense.

Time will tell just how long he and other patriots are able to stave off the destruction of Title 42.

Title 42, an immigration law implemented by former President Donald Trump, is used as a method to deport illegal border crossers easily and efficiently.

Joe Biden doesn’t want Title 42 anywhere near his perspective voters. He wants them strolling into this country whenever they want, with the silent agreement that if the immigrants vote blue than those in charge will continue to look the other way at the border.

It’s quite the system that seems to work for everyone involved.

In fact, the only people negatively impacted by Biden’s plan are tax-paying, hard-working, law-abiding Americans.

And that’s NOT the demographic you want to piss off.

Everyone in the government except for the liberals seems to understand that.

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