BREAKING: Joe Biden Sends The Fighter Jets – Putin SHOCKED

Joe Biden recently warned “dictator” Putin that he has “no idea what’s coming.”

Well, now, Putin and the rest of the world might have a little bit of an idea.

Dozens of American fighter jets have been showcased in an “elephant walk” in Japan, displaying the force of just a single section of America’s might.

The name comes from the way the planes lumber down the runway in single file like elephants heading for the watering hole. We’ve all seen The Jungle Book, right?

Biden referred to Vladimir Putin and his buddies as “corrupt leaders who have bilked billions of dollars off this violent regime” and vowed to Putin that “We are coming for your ill-begotten gains.”

Biden referred to Putin and Ukraine multiple times during his State of the Union speech. As far as fallen American forces go… He mentioned those. Once. Accidentally…

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