Joe Biden News Stuns The Nation – This Could Sink Him

Former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t known for making the best decisions. He fancies himself to be an intellectual, but he’s nothing more than a career politician who smiles a lot. And the latest news about Biden could destroy his plans.

Biden is expected to announce that he’s running for president any day now, and his advisers are considering whether he should make a running mate pick early. Failed candidate for Georgia governor, Stacey Abrams, is near the top of their list.

In typical Beltway group-think, their apparent reasoning is to show that Biden isn’t “just another old white guy.” This is an attempt to appeal to the Democratic Party’s increasingly radical base that has turned race-hustling into a crude art form.

But it has yet to be seen whether Americans will accept such a cynical move. Furthermore, there’s the problem of Abrams herself, who has sadly proven to be a sore loser since being defeated in Georgia’s gubernatorial race in 2018.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped Abrams from claiming the total opposite and pretending like she actually won. She has even said that Georgia did not have a “free and fair election” and we witnessed the “systematic dismantling of our democracy.”

Abrams is apparently determined to become the new Hillary Clinton — so convinced of her own superiority that there’s no way she could’ve been defeated, unless it was by fraud. Biden is preparing to make a big mistake, and all we need now is popcorn.

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