Joe Biden Makes Shock Sexual Confession – He’s Sick

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who is expected to announce as a presidential candidate soon, just made a shocking sexual confession. What he said is sick and it’s primed to upend his planned run for the White House.

In a bizarre speech on sexual assault, Biden said, “It’s an institution, a culture, a white man’s culture. It’s got to change.” No one is disputing the very serious problem of sexual assault, but, playing to the far-left base, Biden has twisted the issue into a subject about race.

Instead of confronting the problem head-on, Biden has chosen to make it political and racial, which does an incredible disservice to the actual victims of such crimes. Sexual assault is no respecter of race or background — it’s a grevious human sin.

But like other liberals, Biden is determined to profit from division when he should simply tell the politically incorrect truth: Rape is terribly evil no matter who is committing it. Sadly, he doesn’t have the courage to say it, not in this political climate.

Biden continued to by asserting that “the culture hasn’t changed” in 30 years, recalling the confirmation hearings from many years ago for Justice Clarence Thomas, blaming Anita Hill’s treatement on “a bunch of white guys” in the Senate.

Biden gave his remarks to a group of students doing the vital work of combatting sexual assault on college campuses. It is especially stunning that he would turn such an event into an opportunity to play racial politics, which won’t fix the problem.

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