Joe Biden Makes HUGE Mistake… He’s Ruined

Joe Biden just blamed his part in the Iraq war on George Bush. Does he take responsibility for anything?

On Saturday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden addressed his vote for the Iraq War.

“The mistake I made was trusting President Bush, who gave me his word he was using it for the purpose of getting inspectors in to see what was going on, whether they were producing nuclear weapons,” explained Biden.

“My mistake was looking a man in the eye who hadn’t lied to me and said, I’m not going to take us to war, this is merely to get inspectors in,” he continued.

Biden is accused of not describing the full extent of his part in the Iraq war. At the time he stood as a leading Democratic voice on foreign policy, chairing the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Biden adamantly backed claims of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein and insisted on the necessity of removing him from power.

But don’t expect him to admit it. Democrats never do.

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