BREAKING: Photo Catches Joe Biden IN THE ACT – He’s In Trouble…

Sleepy Joe’s rear end is going to be redder than Soviet Hockey uniforms after the paddling he deserves for breaking his own house rules AGAIN.

If this was the first time it had happened, we could have chalked it up to Joe’s dimensia. But it just keeps happening.

Again, Biden has been caught at the White House without his mask on after promoting his failed cancer research organization that he founded in 2017. The organization was out of business just two years later, having spent exactly ZERO dollars on cancer research.

Following Biden’s pitch, Joe walked away from the podium and started mingling with masked guests. Senator Amy Klobuchar, a failed 2020 election candidate and Democrat from Minnesota, shook Joe’s hand and whispered something in his ear.

Nobody can know for sure if she was telling him about his missing mask or if it was something a little more romantic, but seconds later Joe scooted back to the podium to retrieve his face covering.

“I’m going to get in trouble,” he said.

Gee Joe, how’d you guess? Maybe because you’re trying to make rules you yourself don’t even follow into national mandates.

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