BREAKING: Joe Biden Falls In Epic Disaster – Voters Stunned…

The whole point of Biden’s recent press conference was to “reset” his presidency, trying to distance himself from his failures of 2021.

It hasn’t worked.

Six days later, Biden’s numbers are worse than ever.

On the day of the presser, January 19, Biden’s average job approval was 40.9%, underwater by 12.4 points.

Now one week later, his approval has fallen to 40.8%, and his disapproval has gone up to 55.2%.

That’s a difference of -14.4 points, in case you were wondering. You don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that’s not good.

Joe Biden held a press conference with the purpose of resetting his presidency and correcting his plummeting ratings. Instead, he made the numbers worse than ever. Sounds about right.

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