Joe Biden Goes Back On Promise And Tucker Carlson NAILS Him

It wasn’t so many days ago that Joe Biden was begging for votes from the American people with a promise that he would bring transparency and honesty back to the White House.

He’s not even in the Oval Office and I think we can already say definitively,”Give me a break, Joe.”

Tucker Carlson exploded Biden’s reversal during a recent show where he quoted Politico (not a conservative outlet at all) with this observation about the basement-dwelling Biden: “Discouraging signs about the Biden team and press access so far. No regular transition briefings. No readout of calls with foreign leaders. No open press access to the candidate and his people. This is a break with tradition.”

Oh wait, so you’re saying the Biden team is already going back on its work and hiding the truth of what it’s doing and saying?

Color me not surprised.

To read more about Biden’s broken promises, click here.

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