Joe Biden Gets Devastating News – It’s Over

Fox News host Jesse Watters has bad news for former Vice President Joe Biden: When it comes to running for president, three times is not the charm.

Biden recently announced that he is getting “very close” to a decision on whether to run for the Democratic nomination, and that he doesn’t want his bid to be “a fool’s errand.”

But a fool’s errand is exactly what it will be, according to Watters, who predicted that Biden will be unable to shake his image as an old white male competing against women and minorities.

“[When] Kamala and Pocahontas and Booker start sinking their teeth into [Biden], he’s too clumsy to handle these attacks on identity,” Watters said.

“The man has no base,” he added. “[A potential bid] is just going to deflate.”

In addition to identity politics, Biden will have to overcome his history of gaffes and missteps, both public and personal, such as his habit of swimming nude in front of mixed-sex secret service agents.

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