BREAKING: Attorney General Pulls Trigger On Joe Biden – White House FUMING…

Eric Schmitt, a Republican, is the Attorney General of Missouri.

What that means is that his opinion on Dirty Joe Biden’s new “misinformation board” is even more valid than mine is, because he is way closer to the situation.

Coincidentally, even though Schmitt’s opinion carries much more weight than mine, they’re the exact same:

The misinformation board is nothing but baloney.

Actually, Schmitt thinks that “baloney” might not be strong enough of a word.

After hearing his position, he’d probably go with a word like “evil.”

Can you blame him?

“It just shows how aggressive this administration is and what kind of warp speed they’ll go into to suppress people’s speech. Because they know, the playbook’s clear, you just label stuff you don’t like as disinformation, get your partners — I mean, look what happened with the Hunter Biden laptop story. We know all that stuff is true now. We know the origins of COVID, the Wuhan lab leak. They were labeling all of that as disinformation. Fauci, the ineffectiveness of masks, if you were calling that out, they were taking you down. We can’t let this stand in this country. This is a country founded on the fundamental belief, in the First Amendment as a protection, that people can speak their minds, they can speak truth to power. We believe that that’s the beating heart of this Constitution.”

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