BREAKING: Joe Biden Sick Diagnosis Rocks American Voters – White House Desperate…

Joe Biden has officially been deemed in charge of “the most timid, cowardly and pathetic administration in modern American history” by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich has been around a while, he’s seen almost all there is to see in politics.

So for the ineptitude of the current administration to be so bad that Gingrinch declares it the worst in modern America history? That’s saying something.

In a segment on Fox News, Gingrinch wasted no time in laying out why Biden and the rest of Joe’s team has been nothing but a “failure.”

“We should know after Afghanistan — this is the most timid, cowardly, and pathetic administration in modern American history,” Gingrich asserted. “I mean, there are not any words to express it. If you watched Kamala Harris in Europe, it was an embarrassment to have that person represent the United States because she is so totally utterly incompetent. I think the Europeans have taken our measure. I don’t think anybody in Europe looks to the United States right now to provide any leadership of any kind. And I think that Biden is meeting that standard. He’s not providing any leadership of any kind.”

“We have enormous capability,” Newt concluded. “We have many, very competent people. If they were unleashed, we would, in fact, end up defeating Putin, and he would end up being driven out of power by his own government. But instead, we are intimidated by him; we are allowing him to get away with war crimes. These are all war crimes. Targeting a maternity hospital, killing women and children, targeting nuclear reactors, all of these things are war crimes. But that’s typical.”

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