Joe Biden Caught On Hot Mic… Supporters Stunned

Former Vice President Joe Biden was just caught in a ‘hot mic’ moment. The entire Democratic Party is stunned, including his loyal supporters. No one expected him to attack one of their own.

Biden, who is currently falling in the polls, has shifted gears and decided to go after Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). The Massachusetts liberal has been gaining ground in the Democrat primary and Biden is terrified.

In fact, Biden strongly implied that Warren is “representative of an elitism that working and middle class people do not share: ‘We know best; you know nothing’. ‘If you were only as smart as I am you would agree with me.'”

Biden also said that there are “millions of Democrats who have a different view” and don’t appreciate the approach to politics that says “my way or the highway.” We cannot “bring the country together” this way, he said.

Of course, Biden trying to paint Warren as an “elitist” is ironic. While she is certainly an out-of-touch, far-left elitist herself, Biden has been in politics virtually his entire professional life. He is a career politician.

The only candidate in the 2020 race who is a true outsider is President Trump. Biden and Warren do not understand the first thing about what everyday, hardworking Americans think. And it’s why Trump is going to win re-election.

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