Joe Biden Caught On A Hot Mic – He’s Finished

Joe Biden told wealthy donors to his campaign on Tuesday that he didn’t want to demonize the rich or change their lifestyles, according to the Daily Caller. Biden reassured a group of donors at a New York City fundraiser that their lifestyles wouldn’t change significantly if he became president.

Democrat frontrunner Biden may have committed an unforgiveable sin in the eyes of Democrat party members who have proposed stiff new taxes that would take billions from the wealthy and give it to others in the form of tax breaks and government-funded programs.

It is Biden’s second fundraiser with wealthy New York elites, and he praised both groups for what he called breaking their necks, referring to their hard work. “You’ve done well, and you’ve earned what you’ve got,” Biden said.

It’s a sharp contrast with other Democrat contenders like Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, who seem to want to target the rich for new taxes and feel that they didn’t earn their wealth in most cases.

Biden is running as the moderate in the race for the Democrat Party nomination.

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