GOP Issues Death Notice To Joe Biden

Republicans have officially given their demand to Joe Biden:

The Fentanyl crisis in America has reached such dangerous levels that Joe should use Title 42 to fight back.

Much of America’s fentanyl is hauled across our southern border, which Biden is making easier and easier to cross every day.

When it becomes easier for illegal immigrants to get into and stay in America, it becomes easier for illegal immigrants to bring fentanyl over the border.

Border Patrol agents are simply overloaded and overworked, on top of being hamstrung from actually doing anything by Joe Biden’s insane policies.

Senator Bill Hagerty, a Republican from Tennessee, went straight to the source to understand why it was so hard for Border Patrol agents to apprehend drug mules and illegal immigrants at the border:

“Border Patrol agents told me that, given the record-breaking border crossings they’re currently facing, there are times when every agent is busy processing migrant paperwork, leaving the border wide open for drug and human trafficking.”

Senator Joni Earnst, a Republican from Iowa, was one of the first to come up with the idea that Biden should use Title 42 to curb America’s fentanyl crisis:

“I do hope that Title 42 stays in place. We know that the purpose of Title 42 is for a public health emergency. Let’s change it from that public health emergency that’s addressing COVID-19 and put in its place, drugs, because we know we have a fentanyl problem,” she said.

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