Joe And Hunter Biden Confession – World Shocked

The Hill reporter John Solomon said to One America News Network that more evidence would be released about Joe Biden’s wrongdoing while vice president, including information about a billion dollar contract his son Hunter’s company got after traveling to China with his father on Air Force One.

Biden is already on record during a speech for the Council on Foreign Relations saying he withheld a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine until they fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin in 2016. Shokin just happened to be investigating the energy company Hunter Biden was working for at the time.

“It is not in dispute,” Solomon said, that Shokin was making plans to interview Hunter Biden as part of the Burisma investigation when he was fired, or that Biden knew about the Burisma investigation and Shokin’s plans.

“Those are facts that are in evidence,” Solomon said, adding that he thinks he will be able to show in the next several weeks that Joe Biden was involved in an attempt to “dirty up” Shokin so that he could be gotten rid of on claims of corruption.

“There is an irrefutable body of evidence that Hunter Biden was traveling in the vapor trail of his father’s vice presidency, collecting money,” Solomon finished.

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