BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein Case Announcement – It’s OVER…

At least one chapter of the Jeffrey Epstein saga would appear to be over.

United States prosecutors have announced they will cease pursuing criminal charges against the two Manhattan jail guards that were supposed to be watching over billionaire Epstein on the night of August 10, 2019. That was the night Epstein supposedly hanged himself in his jail cell, despite the guards signing records that they were watching Epstein especially closely after he’d been placed on suicide watch.

Turns out, the records were “willfully and knowingly” falsified.

The story we have now, which is probably a little closer to the truth, is that the two guards were NOT watching Epstein. Instead, the two were “surfing the internet and falling asleep” at the time of the “suicide.”

Instead of facing charges for falsifying the records and not watching Epstein, the two guards reached a deal to spare themselves criminal records if they cooperate with the remaining investigation into Epstein’s death.

Perhaps only Epstein knows the truth about what really happened in his cell that night. But as of now, he’s not talking.

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