Jane Fonda Health Bombshell – Fans Shocked

“Grace & Frankie” star Jane Fonda revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she had a nervous breakdown during filming of the hit Netflix show’s first season, eventually entering therapy and taking the medication Prozac. The 81-year-old actress said the plotline of the show, that two women are left by their husbands–who fall in love with each other–and share a beach house, triggered her abandonment issues.

When Fonda was 12 in 1950, her mother Frances killed herself after Fonda’s father Henry fell in love with Susan Blanchard, then 22. Her near-orphaning at such a young age was traumatic for her, she recalled. Fonda has also been divorced twice.

“Grace & Frankie” began filming its sixth season in January. Fonda shared that once she got through the initial trigger brought on by her character Grace’s situation, Fonda was able to connect with Grace and play the character without being as profoundly affected.

Fonda is also a L’Oreal brand ambassador and has a one-woman tour called “An Evening With Jane Fonda.”

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