Hillary Clinton Indictment Decision – Wow

Disgraced former director of the FBI, James Comey, proved himself to be nothing more than a partisan hack. Now he’s back in the spotlight again with an ‘indictment announcement’ that has stunned millions.

In a new op-ed, Comey stubbornly stands by his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes, despite once saying she was “extremely careless”  in her use of a private email server to send and receive information while she served as secretary of state.

Attempting to maintain his status as a victim in the whole scenario, he writes that “angry voices in July 2016 said we should have said nothing,” but he had no choice because “the public interest required that we speak.”

Comey is, of course, speaking about that fateful day in July 2016 where he held an incoherent press conference to make a non-announcement announcement: He would be letting Hillary completely off the hook and explaining why.

He further tries to justify his move by saying that “the decision to decline prosecution would have been far less credible without those details, causing lasting damage to the department’s reservoir of trust with the American people.”

Ironically, due to Comey’s purely political theater, the damage had already been done to the FBI and Justice Department. The reputation for these once-lauded agencies has only gotten worse during Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump.

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