James Comey Headed To Jail… SMOKING GUN

Former FBI Director James Comey could be heading to jail. The “smoking gun” has been found and it’s a stunning revelation. Comey’s house of cards is about to come crashing down.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told One America News Network (OAN) that the “smoking gun” further exposing Comey’s witch-hunt against President Trump comes in the form of interviews with a top government lawyer.

Bruce Ohr, a former Department of Justice lawyer, “tells the FBI that Christopher Steele… didn’t like President Trump and didn’t want to see him as president,” said Fitton.

He was “adamant in that regard and he was conveying Fusion GPS data directly to the FBI that was handed to him by, it looks like, Fusion GPS. His wife… also worked for Fusion GPS, so he had this conflict of interest,” continued Fitton.

Fitton elaborated: “So you’ve got the FBI, Justice Department, State Department, working with a conflicted Bruce Ohr, his wife… and the Clinton spy ring at Fusion GPS all to get President Trump. This is the coup in outline.”

The content of these FBI interviews, which are known to insiders as “302s,” reveal an Obama Administration dead-set on destroying then-candidate Donald Trump and placing moles within Trump’s own administration to continue the witch-hunt.

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