James Comey Busted – Smoking Gun Discovered

Former FBI Director James Comey just got busted. A smoking gun has been discovered that will expose his misdeeds to the entire nation.

In a probing op-ed for The Hill, former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI, Kevin R. Beck, reminded Americans that Attorney General William Barr plans to uncover why Comey chose to investigate Trump’s campaign.

Even though Comey “will claim that everything he did in the FBI was by the book,” said Beck, there’s sufficient reason to believe it’s the exact opposite and Americans deserve the truth.

Beck laid out Attorney General Barr’s path for investigating Comey clearly, saying he “will examine whether there was sufficient justification under existing guidelines for the FBI” to investigate Trump’s campaign.

Barr will also find out whether “Comey’s team obeyed long-established investigative guidelines while conducting the investigations” and had legal grounds to “conduct electronic surveillance of an American citizen.”

Lastly, Bar will investigate whether Comey was capitulating to the political agenda of then-President Barack Obama and his left-wing administration trying to tip the scales for Hillary Clinton. Let’s get it done.

Read the full story here.

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