Ivanka Trump TRAGEDY – She’s Been Attacked…

President Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, has suffered a tragedy. She was just attacked and the incident is making national news. This is terrible.

Anti-Trump actress Debra Messing — who recently called for blacklisting any Hollywood supporters of Trump — shared a tweet calling Ivanka Trump and her husband “national security threats.”

In response to this insane claim, Fox News’ Jesse Watters didn’t hold back. He said, “I think Debra Messing should just stay off Twitter. Take the ‘L’ from last week, cool off.”

Watters has recent history with the actress. After she tweeted that she just wanted to talk and shared a phone number, Watters called it while on air.  No one answered; the voicemail said she would only respond by text.

Rightly so, Watters called this out as blatant hypocrisy. After all, you can’t say that you want to talk and then refuse to take a phone call — especially after tweeting out your phone number.

Messing should go back to focusing on her Will & Grace retread and stay out of politics. She clearly doesn’t have the head or temperament for it. This ridiculous attack on Ivanka Trump is just another example.

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