Ivanka Trump Job Announcement – Trump Is So Proud…

Ivanka Trump announced at a White House event that she had signed up over 300 businesses for a total of 12 million new job training opportunities in the last year as she worked on a jobs initiative for the president.

The event celebrated the Pledge to American Workers program, which aims to align federal job training programs more closely to the needs of businesses in order to close worker shortages. At the time the program was instituted last year, there were more job openings than there were people looking for work.

President Donald Trump said he was proud of his daughter for her hard work on the initiative. “I think I’m allowed to be proud of my daughter,” he said.

“Nothing like this has been done before,” the president noted. “So congratulations Ivanka. Congratulations and keep it up. When are you going to hit 24 million?”

“At this pace very soon,” she answered. Way to go, Ivanka!

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