Ivanka Trump CAREER Decision – Media FURIOUS

A skilled training program spearheaded by Ivanka Trump and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)’s Manufacturing Institute is set for a major expansion, the Hill reported.

The program was created by Toyota Motor North America and uses an apprenticeship model to train high school graduates and others in long term manufacturing positions. Trump and representatives from NAM and Toyota will announce the expansion at the Alabama Robotics Technology Park.

“The Administration is committed to ensuring inclusive growth and opportunity in our booming economy by creating pathways for all Americans, regardless of age or background, to acquire the skills needed to secure and retain high paying jobs,” Trump said, praising Toyota and NAM for their initiative.

The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) program involves two years of apprenticeship and training for manufacturing jobs.

As of June 2019, there were 503,000 open manufacturing positions. Experts blame inadequacies in schooling and skills gaps for the shortage.

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