Ivanka Trump CAREER Decision… Fans Are Stunned

Ivanka Trump told Fox News host Steve Hilton in a Sunday interview that she won’t be going anywhere and plans to remain in her father’s administration despite criticism about her role as his adviser.

“The convening function within government is critical,” she said to Hilton. “And it’s something that I bring — and probably because I came from the private sector, I realize the efficiency, the nimbleness, the solutions that the private sector brings to every challenge that is out there, whether it’s innovation or job creation.”

The president’s daughter has a vast knowledge of business and wants to apply that knowledge to helping the economy continue to grow, despite some areas of disagreement with her father.

Ivanka Trump has had many achievements as part of her “Pledge to America’s Workers” initiative, which has seen 300 companies commit to training Americans for manufacturing and other jobs.

She championed Opportunity Zones and said governors have identified 8,300 zip codes that need more investment.

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