Ivanka Has Been Attacked… Donald Trump Informed

President Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, has remained a close confidant throughout his presidency so far. Tragically, Ivanka was just attacked by vicious liberals and the president has been notified. This is awful.

It started with Ivanka posting an innocent photo of her children sleeping. One was in bed, while the other ended up out of bed and on the floor. Pointing out the humorous situation, she wrote, “We may need to bring the crib back…”

To any normal person, this was a moment of levity to laugh about — millions of Americans know what it’s like to be a parent with young kids. But liberals decided to turn it another example of their hate and intolerance of others.

One comment read, “Meanwhile your dad refuses to reunite brown kids with their parents,” while another asked, “Got issues? Call ICE.” and used #CAGESWORKFORYOURDAD as a hashtag.

“Can you also get cribs for all the children you’re separating from their families at the border?” quipped another troll. Comedian Joe Mande joined in the dogpile as well, writing, “What about cages? Isn’t that your thing?”

Thankfully, Invanka received plenty of back-up in response to the liberal onslaught. “This is a very precious moment in your life — embrace it without listening to anybody,” said a Trump supporter. Many others chimed in as well to defend her.

Read the full story here.

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